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Company History

Engraved Signage

Our engraving experience gained over
27 years of manufacturing labels,
mimics & plaques include machine
engraving, laser engraving
& chemical etching.

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From engraved labels to bespoke signs, our signage is used all over the country (and the world!)

Quality signage products from a professional firm.

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Machine Engraving, Laser Engraving, and Chemical Etching

From small industrial labels to prestigious plaques in brass and other metals the engraving field is wide. Classed as precision engineering, engraving is an old art, brought up to date by computer controlled technology.

At GRS, industrial applications form 70% of our work, but the other 30% falls into the prestigious market. Three types of engraving are used, machine engraving, chemical etching, and laser engraving. All have a place to play in the manufacturing process. For intricate work chemical etching and for industrial applications, such as labels in laminates or acrylic, machine engraved using tungsten carbide cutters is the norm.

Laser engraving is a more modern approach to manufacture using latest technology giving great accuracy and clarity to the end product.

Products also manufactured from the engraved family are Braille and Tactile signs, for specialist applications in public areas. Please read more about the Equality Act 2010 (formerly known as the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) for clarification.

GRS Sign Company

We are a Lincolnshire Company based in the market town of Louth. Our ethos is "Pride in Performance" from initial enquiry to finished product and installation.

We provide signs for Universities, NHS Authorities, Local Government, Industry and Local Businesses. We treat all our customers with respect and offer the best service we can to ensure we deliver the product you require at the time you want it.

We provide a wide range of signs from Industrial Engraving, Wayfinding, and Corporate Signs to Bespoke Design, Wall Art and Safety Signs. We have our own design, manufacturing and installation teams who can provide our customers with products fit for their intended purpose and which fully conform to the customer's identified needs.

Also, a commitment to building long-lasting relationships with our clients is a work ethic we continuously deliver to enable us to prosper in this competitive industry.

Wall Art 34 Wall Art 40

Wall Art & Banners

A new & exciting trend is to use wall art, graphics that cover large areas, for educational purposes, to create ambient surroundings or to give a feeling of well being whether in the workplace or recreational. These could be inspirational messages such as quotes from famous people through history, or images of beautiful landscapes that make people more comfortable.

Modular Sign 1, Optima Range Modular Sign 3, Optima Range

Modular Signs

At GRS we have three mainline options for modular signs, mostly using aluminium substrate, to supply exquisite bespoke solutions to corporate & prestigious signage.

The Spandex range of systems, the Optima ranges which include internal & external solutions, and finally truly bespoke solutions made at GRS by our in-house design & fabrication teams.

We can supply from other manufacturers if a specific range is requested.

The two images shown are from the Optima ranges for internal & external application.

Wayfinding Sign 28 Wayfinding Sign 19

NHS Signs - Signage for Health Facilities

(including NHS & Private Health, Hospitals, Clinics, Surgeries and Local Practices)

Signage can include main site details, wayfinding, safety, patient ambience, ward information, waiting times, clinic details & practitioners and ward & details - drawing from a wide degree of types and styles, some are wall art and/or banners, others include safety signs, but the vast majority of them are wayfinding signs of some kind, indicating where departments and facilities are.

The left image shows a combination of NHS signage and Safety signage, whereas the second image shows an external wayfinding directory sign. (click an image to see a larger version)

Vehicle Livery Picture 19 Vehicle Livery Picture 17

Vehicle Livery

To the right there are two images of a vehicle that has been wrapped (although not all over). The flexibility and diversity of possible designs mean the possibilities are nearly endless; an example might be fleet vehicles that all require the same vehicle livery, or specific custom designed bespoke vehicles such as haulage vehicles that require a separate design on each. The example shown to the right is of a vehicle used in an agricultural engineering setting.

There are three main sections above this text: Signage, Engraving and Company History. If you move your mouse over one and click, the box beneath (this one) changes to show you new information about the section, such as what kinds of signs we manufacture and sell, to what engraved products are possible, and finally to telling and showing where we came from.